Circle of Sin

Nickname Kennwort

Hall of Fame


One player leaves, a legend stays!


Here we honor all players who went above and beyond for our clan, and we miss a lot.



Dark Council

Our Webmaster and chief developer of our officer-tools.



The former leader of Austria Horizon. Always head on into a war, till he sadly lost interest.


Dark Council

Carried us through the HAAT and developed our most successful territory war tactic at the time.


We thank you for your service to our clan and hope, we will see you soon! May the force be with you!



Circle of Sin - Veterans


The C

Co Leader

Our Co-Leader and Webmaster from the 2000 era.


Co Leader

Our Co-Leader and Tactician from the 2000 era.


CoSanian Lord

Our War-Organizer from the 2000 era.


CoSanian Lord

Our silent warrior from the 2000 era.



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